Revere, MA Dental Fillings:

A natural looking choice for repairing decaywhite fillings in revere, ma

Once upon a time, if you had tooth decay, the only choice for a filling was silver amalgam. And you were lucky to have that choice. Removal of decay and filling the area with silver amalgam saved many teeth from eventual extraction.

Times have changed. Nowadays, most tooth decay can be addressed with tooth colored fillings instead. In fact, your old, blackened, unsightly amalgam fillings can be removed and replaced with tooth colored composite resin, giving you a more esthetically pleasing choice. While many people opt for composite resin dental fillings for this reason alone, some of our more health conscious patients express an uneasiness about the mercury involved in the old kind of fillings. While the medical risks of amalgam fillings still have not been adequately assessed, it gives many patients peace of mind to replace a potentially toxic substance with something else.

Tooth colored fillings

Tooth colored fillings are made of a composite resin. As the name suggests, this resin is easily matched to the natural color of your tooth, making your fillings virtually invisible. Unlike amalgam, the resin creates a strong bond with your tooth. Because of this, it’s possible to remove less of the natural tooth, retaining more strength and integrity.

After the decay is removed, the composite resin will be mixed into a putty-like substance that will be used to fill the required space. An ultraviolet curing light is then directed onto the resin to harden the putty into a substance that can stand up to the type of activity that is required of teeth.

With regular dental care and maintenance, your tooth colored fillings will last you for years to come. To learn more call Cedarwood Dental Care at (781) 286-1620 or request an appointment here. We look forward to helping you maintain a beautiful, functional smile for a lifetime. For more information on all of our general dental services, cosmetic services, or even our preventive dental treatment, call our office today.